SOLD - Fantastic Home in Hidden Valley

(May 10, 2017)

This amazing home in Hidden Valley has SOLD.  

If you or anyone you know is looking for a home similar to this one... don't worry but don't wait to call me at 403-477-5120.  I can find you a similar home in no time!

Fabrics, Textures and Patterns Make This Home’s Neutral Palette Anything but Boring

(May 07, 2017)



Exterior stonework is presented in every shade of grey; a front door and garden furniture are dressed in bold black; snow-white flowers flank the entry. The facade of this King, Ontario home provides subtle clues to what’s inside. Like the exterior, the interior dramatises stalwart neutrals of black, white, and grey.

“My clients didn’t want strong colours,” explains William MacDon... read more.

"I saw an ad saying a real estate professional will buy my house if it’s NOT sold in 90 days."

(May 02, 2017)

"I saw an ad saying a real estate professional will buy my house if it’s NOT sold in 90 days."

Should I Be Wary?

This type of offer is a guaranteed sales agreement, and while there is nothing illegal or wrong with a real estate company offering this kind of arrangement, it is rarely the best option for consumers.

In a guaranteed sales agreement, a real estate brokerage agrees to buy a piece of real e... read more.

Do You Know the Signs of Mortgage Fraud?

(May 02, 2017)

Do you know how to make sure you don’t become involved in a fraudulent transaction? The Real Estate Council of Alberta has prepared a list of mortgage fraud red flags to help you protect yourself.

Red flags may indicate there’s a fraudulent transaction taking place; they don’t guarantee a fraud but should raise suspicion. Watch out if:

  • someone offers you money to use your name and credit information... read more.

SOLD - Amazing views from this Downtown Condo

(May 01, 2017)

We have just sold this awesome condo in the KeyNoteII in Downtown Calgary   This amazing home offers so much to the buyer, amazing views, two bedrooms and a fantastic building with lots of amenities.  

If you or anyone you know is looking for a fantastic property, just like this call me at 403-477-5120 or email me at

Housing market retains momentum in April

(May 01, 2017)

City-wide prices hold steady as labour market improves

Calgary's housing market continued to show signs of stability in April. With improvements in the labour market and a balanced detached sector, city-wide benchmark prices reached $439,600 in April, similar to the previous month, but 0.90 percent below last year's levels.

"More jobs means less uncertainty for people who are sitting on the fence... read more.