Spring Snowmelt and How to Identify Moisture in Walls and if it is Coming from Your Roof

(April 03, 2018)

The first visible telltale sign of moisture in walls is the appearance of damp patches, blotches or streaks on the walls. Many of these darkened spots can range from brown hues to dark yellow, often dictating the cause of the moisture.

Other signs of water damaged walls can include peeling paint, discolouration, crumbling, cracking and hanging of drywall tape. These moisture stains can be the resul... read more.

Visit a CIR Open House and Win a VIP Experience at the Chuckwagons!

(April 03, 2018)

From April 15 to June 30, CIR REALTY is hosting an open house giveaway for the chance to win one of six VIP experiences at the Calgary Stampede chuckwagon semifinals. 

Each prize includes:
- Two prime infield seats for the chuckwagon race. 
- Fully catered food menu, open bar all night and live entertainment in our hosting area.
- A meet and greet with the CIR REALTY chuckwagon driver, along with a gui... read more.

Housing Market Inventory on the Rise

(April 03, 2018, posted in Statistics)

Prices remain stable compared to last year

As expected, slow sales this quarter have persisted through March in the City of Calgary. This is not a surprise, after stronger growth in sales at the end of last year following the announced changes to the lending market.

First quarter sales totalled 3,423 units, nearly 18 percent below last year's levels and 24 percent below long-term averages. Easing sa... read more.

SOLD - Airdrie Meadows

(March 21, 2018)

? A gem just waiting to be revealed… it takes a special eye to see the potential in this home, but believe me, its there!  I just want to congratulate the buyer of this home, in a great location.  You are going to do BIG things and it will make a huge difference!

I love fixer uppers and I love the potential in these homes. It's so awesome to see buyers make homes #theirown and see the transformat... read more.

How to Pick the Best Gardening Tools for You

(March 18, 2018)

tools of the trade

The old adage that a workman is only as good as his tools makes a lot of sense. Tools leverage your labor, and choosing the right one for the job will save you time and effort when it comes to preparing and maintaining your garden this year.Whatever the tool, it will last longer and be more enjoyable to use if it’s well made; buying cheap, low-quality tools rarely pays off. Look... read more.